Top rated vibrators

Self-pleasuring can often lead to a better day or stress relief for some. The truth is, how do you know if you are getting the best of the best for your pleasure? These top rated vibrators will certainly help you to get to know yourself just a bit more and even help you to learn what people all over the world prefer.

The Hitachi Magic Wand

This toy is for external pleasure, especially for vibration for the clitoral region. The big cushy head and nice design makes this the Cadillac of vibrators.

The G-Swirl

This delightful little toy is a vibrating dildo that goes inside of you and has this unique curved tip that will help stimulate your G-Spot. It even has a ridged base that will stimulate your vaginal cavity, which can help to give you that ultimate orgasm that you have wanted.

The Gigi

Although this is similar to the G-Swirl, it is a lot smoother and can reach your G-Spot. It has a larger head, and you can even use it on your clitoris to help stimulate you even further.

The Water Dancer

This is almost like the Magic Wand, it is designed for external stimulation. This guy has a bumpy tip that gives you a more intense type of sensation. Although it only requires one battery, it has only one speed, so it may not be enough for those who need a lot of stimulation or intensity. This is for those who enjoy the gentle stimulation for a longer lasting sensation.

Through Rose Colored Glasses Book

This may look like a nice book that you can leave lying around, but if you open it up, it contains three different shaped vibrators that have removable heads and plenty of lube. This is certainly something that you never have to worry about if you leave it lying about, as it looks like a book.

The Rabbit Habit

Take a close peek at this toy and you will see where the rabbit comes into play. His ears will be sure to stimulate your clitoris as the shaft enters you and the tip moves in a nice circular motion against your G-spot. This guy takes 3 AA batteries and has various speeds that you can use to give you that world shattering pleasure that you can only give yourself.

These are the best of the best when it comes to vibrators.

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